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Lipoli Farm

Blue Fountain Farm
The ranch is home to Siglavy XI-6, the rare black Lipizzan stallion from Hungary.

Lipizzan Association of North America ( LANA)
LANA is a North American representative to the Lipizzan International Federation, a world-wide association of Lipizzan owners and breeders.

Southwest Lipizzan Association
A community where Lipizzan enthusiasts can display, discuss, and exchange ideas about the Lipizzan.

Genna Panzarella
Lipizzan Artist (and owner of a Lipizzan)
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Cornerstone Horsemanship
Based in Virginia, Charles and Michele specialize in cutting horses, starting horses under saddle, and working with problem horses.

Horse of Kings
The ultimate website and magazine for the Baroque Horse.

Southmowing Stables
A center for Centered Riding. (Flash required)

The Classical Riding Club
The Club brings together the past, present and future of the art of classical riding.

The United States Lipizzan Registry
For people who own, ride, and/or train Lipizzans - or who don't own a Lipizzan (yet) but appreciate this noble breed.

The Spanish Riding School of Vienna
The only riding academy in the world where the Renaissance tradition of classical horsemanship is preserved and cultivated.

The Tempel Lipizzans
Home of the largest herd of Lipizzans in the world.

Mid Atlantic Lipizzan Association
Their purpose is to promote the Lipizzan breed on a regional level, to educate the public about this noble breed, and to encourage participation of Lipizzan owners in equestrian events.

Leslie Desmond
Internationally known American natural horsemanship coach, and co-author of True Horsemanship Through Feel.

Herrmann's Royal Lipizzan Stallions of Austria
Witness the beauty and grace of his family's Lipizzaner Stallions.

Classical Dressage Journal
A publication bringing you the voice of the greatest riding masters throughout the ages.

Imagine A Horse
A lifestyle and way of thinking calculated to educate a companion horse with a limitless future in mind.

The Dancing Horse Farm Lipizzans
Judith Tarr, a.k.a. Caitlin Brennan.

Marc Lipizzaner Breeding Centre
One of the largest private Lipizzaner breeders in Europe. Located in Slovenia, the country recognized as the origin of the Lipizzans and the central breeding herd of the world (stud Lipizza).

Horseback Riding 101
Laura McBride teaches a free online course to give beginning students of English riding/equitation (hunt seat) the information they need to be successful.

Australian Lipizzaner Registry (ALR)
The ALR is the only society for the breed in Australia that is a member of, or recognised by, the international body - The Lipizzan International Federation.

White Horse Vale
WHV has been breeding purebred and part bred Lipizzan horses since 1984, making it one of the oldest Lipizzan breeding programs in North America.

Scala Group Picture Library
Scala is the exclusive worldwide agent of the Museum Of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. It is also the appointed representative of Italy's Ministry of Culture.
This is the site of Francesco Minunni, a passionate Lipizzan breeder who drives a four-in-hand in the town of Conversano, which is in southern Italy in the province of Bari.

Lee the Horse Logger
The journey of a lifetime, from Montana to Boston.

Equine Origins & Breeds of Horses
This is a nicely organized description of origin of breeds.

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