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Enki, the new colt
Bay Lipizzans
Neapolitano Seka
Latest of Rainman
Gropada and Filly

Favory Grapa
This guy is Favory Grapa. Born in Italy in 1989. By Favory
Allegra XXII (Lipizza) out of Grapa (N. Batavia x Frisia).

Wild Favory
Photo of Favory by Lynette Farlow

Rainman and Orcia
"Rainman" (Conversano Orcia) and his mom, Orcia (Favory Allegra XXII (Lipizza) x Groa (N. Batavia x Amiata)

Rainman at three weeks
Rainman could run like the wind at just three weeks!

The Koran Horse Prayer

When God created the horse, he said to the magnificent creature,
"I have made thee unlike any other.
All the treasures of the earth lie between thine eyes.
Thou shall cast mine enemies between thy hooves,
But thou shall carry my friends on thy back.
This shall be the seat from which prayers rise up unto me.
Thou shall find happiness all over the earth,
And thou shall be favored above all other creatures.
For to thee shall accrue the love of the master of the earth,
And thou shall fly without wings, and conquer without a sword."

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